Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mo' tomato

They're starting! Already we have two or three bowls of tomatoes in the kitchen. And we're starting to eat them as they ripen. So good! Salads, ratatouille, etc. But it won't be long before we'll need to do some preserving. Sauce is easy and good, but oven-dried works well, too.

Wednesday's harvest of yellow and red tomatoes.

The little oblong Juliet tomatoes are very happy this year. They're very good for salads, but would also be excellent candidates for drying. The yellow tomatoes are doing well this year, too, and are good for salads and sandwiches. Oh, now I'm hungry!

Yellow toms in various stages of ripeness.

We're getting a delivery of firewood today for the upcoming winter. Four stères (four cubic meters) will be dumped in our driveway sometime this morning. It will take a few days to get it stacked. The good part is that it's already cut to the right length. I am no longer in the lumberjacking business.

Oblong Juliet tomatoes ripening on the vine.


  1. Mmmmm. We (that's me and me) just LOVE toms! Such a healthy food too!

  2. Miam. You should frame that first one and put it on your kitchen wall. BTW, does that yellow one have a zipper? That would be convenient.

  3. Does that mean no more pics of you in a plaid shirt, chainsaw in hand? :)

  4. raybeard, they are sooo good right out of the garden, too!

    stuart, it does look like a zipper, doesn't it? It's just one of those deformations you get when you grow your own.

    bettyann, well, you never know! ;)

  5. I got my garden started so late this year...but I am finally seeing some tomatoes that are one the edge of being ripe. Yours are simply beautiful. This morning I am using toms from the farmers market: making a tomato sauce by Marcella Hazan - tomatoes, butter, and and onion cut on half. I have made it before, and will make it again. Also using the tomato skins dried with salt for tomato salt. It is a tomato kind of day!


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