Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Red stems

The stems on this grape vine looked very intensely red. I don't know why, if it's the time of year or the variety of grapes. But I thought it looked cool, so I snapped a picture. Then I decided to remove all of the other colors to accentuate the red. I like the result.

In this version, I removed all the colors except for the reds and oranges.

So, you wonder, what does the original image look like? Well, one of the neat things about Lightroom is that it's non-destructive, Adobe's way of saying that all the changes you make to an image are just a set of instructions and that the original image is not altered.

This version has all of its yellows, greens, and blues.


  1. I'd like to do that. What's the process Walt?

  2. Lovely bit of colour-popping, Walt!!

  3. Reminds me of the Russian Red kale you are growing.

  4. leon, in Lightroom, I go to the development module, then to the HSL controls and move the saturation sliders to zero for the colors I want to eliminate. Then I go back to the basic controls and adjust lighting and contrast to be sure the b&w elements are right.

    tim, thanks!

    sheila, hmmmm, I see another photo coming!

    evelyn, :)


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