Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The dirt road

Yet another view of the dirt road that leads out through the vineyards behind our house. The vines end more or less at the horizon. Beyond them are colza and wheat fields and forests.

The dry dirt road through the vineyards behind our house.

Mid week is hot again, although not as hot as it was. We're enjoying this nice time because we know that fall is coming. With it, rain and cooler days. The kind of cooler days that mean no more shorts and tee-shirts, keeping the doors and windows closed, and the coming of fires in the wood stove. I look forward to autumn, but I will miss summer.


  1. I enjoy discovering the dirt/gravel roads around our new area here in the Central Highlands - all sorts of hidden gems appear around the next corner.

  2. Well, hang on, 'cause summer is still here :)

  3. Lol Judith- it's still warm in Alabama but the nights are getting chilly now. Fall means football around here and we've got a lot of that. You have your baseball I know.

  4. That's a wonderful panorama. That dirt road looks really dry as it should. I don't see any rain in sight unfortunately. I won't be missing the hot, dry weather.

  5. leon, it looks like a nice spot, from your photos.

    judy, I'm not in a hurry, but I'm looking forward to the change!

    evelyn, warm weather seems wrong for football (American). It should be chilly, or even snowing!

    stuart, thanks. It's extremely dry and there are even huge cracks in the dirt for lack of moisture.


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