Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eating my curds and whey

The web was stretched invisibly across a path I was walking. I was just about to step through it when I noticed something hanging in mid-air at knee level. It was this spider and whatever prey it was dealing with. The wide-angle lens was not really right for this shot, but I took it anyway.

I think it's a common garden spider. I'm wrong. I understand it's a wasp spider. Thanks, Tim!

We finally had some rain, although I don't think we got as much as was predicted. I haven't checked the rain gauge yet*; it's still dark outside as I'm typing this. It rained for a few hours during the evening and into the night. I woke up at one point and noticed it had stopped. There was no wind, unlike the previous night, so the rain just fell gently.

* I've since checked. We got 20mm (just under an inch).


  1. No... it isn't a common garden spider...
    it is one of the largest we get around here...
    The Wasp Spider... Argiope bruennichi...
    my favourite spider, almost, because it is so photogenic!!
    Here it is still raining...
    the electronic gauge has got stuck again [most probably glued up with mud from a solitary bee...
    or tied down by a spider... and is reading 0.9mm.
    The analogue gauge has a reading of 13mm!!
    And, no, I haven't been outside to check....
    I have positioned it where I can see it in the 'scope!
    But, yes, it has been a steady, gentle rain... perfect!!


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