Monday, November 28, 2016

And through the woods

Well, we didn't go over the river first. But we did go through the woods. Callie enjoys the paths that wind around the clumps of trees. There is a lot to sniff in there. She normally leads the way and sometimes she'll get way out in front of me. But never too far.

Callie notices when I stop to take a picture and waits to be sure I follow along.

Patches of the woods around us get cleared periodically for firewood, but the trees quickly grow back. There are older trees around, especially on the steeper slopes, but many of France's forests are meticulously maintained. It's not unusual to see huge conifer forests where the trees are planted in long, regularly spaced lines.


  1. Nice to be able to see further through the trees when the leaves are down. Reminds me of walks through the woods when I was a child with my rough collie, who was always circling back around me and herding me on the paths. Dogs are great companions.

  2. It's so sweet the way Callie waits, and looks back at you :)

  3. I love Callie's herding instinct (and her attachment).

  4. Nice photos today (well, everyday on your site)! Your image of the week looks like a skeleton playing cat's cradle....

  5. kiwi, collies are great dogs. I had one as a kid. I named her Lassie, of course.

    judy, it's part "I'm watching you" and part "you had better not leave me alone in here."

    mitch, me too!

    christine, you're right! I hadn't noticed that. :)


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