Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Duck and veal

Not together. On Sunday we had a lunch of blanquette de veau (veal stew in a cream sauce) and on Monday a lunch of duck legs with glazed turnips. Today we'll have the veal leftovers. Both are classic French dishes and both are good fall/winter meals.

The grape vines are losing their leaves quickly now.

It's not really cold yet, but it's not warm, either. We're under clouds right now with rain off and on. I'm building a fire in the wood stove every afternoon; the central heating keeps the house warm in the mornings. Right now a thermostat setting of 18.5ºC (65ºF) feels good. We might need to increase that as winter builds in, but neither of us like the house to be too warm, especially over night. The wood fire gets the living/dining area much warmer than that, but the loft is cooler and that's where we spend the evenings and sleep, so it works out fine.


  1. I always thought it was "duck and cover"; thanks so much for clearing that up.

  2. We don't directly heat our bedrooms but there is a little flow through heating from the air con. A cool bedroom is so much better for sleeping. For winter heating we have our aircon on 19, but as the weather warms, we turn it up to 20 for a bit more heat when it is warmer outside.

  3. This ozzie does exactly the same, Andrew. All though Perth has a more Mediterrenean climate then Melbourne.

  4. That's a beautiful picture of vineyard.. I always love to visit Napa Valley, the wine country..

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  5. both sound quite French. Duck and Veal are not common dishes here.

  6. mitch, me too. I just came out from under my desk this morning.

    andrew, I don't like air conditioning much. I find it's often too cold and the air dries out a little too much. Since I left Washington DC in the mid '80s, I haven't lived anywhere where it was necessary.

    jan, does Perth ever get cold?

    krishna, I used to go there often when I lived in SF.

    michael, I imagine that they're not really desert kinds of foods. I love them both. Good comfort food!


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