Saturday, November 12, 2016


Of photos, that is. I need to get out more with the camera, but it's difficult this time of year. The shorter days mean that I'm out with Callie when the light isn't particularly good. In the middle of the day when the light is better, we're busy with lunch (our main meal of the day). I don't like taking the camera out when it's raining, either. That's no fun.

The leaves of different varietals turn different colors in the fall, as these two vineyard parcels illustrate.

The moon will be full on Monday. Right now, it's big and bright in the evening sky (when there are no clouds). Callie barks at it, of course, the same way she barks at hot-air balloons. Then, when the moon is past full, it hangs in the morning sky until it sets. And Callie barks at it when we get outdoors. I worry that her morning barking might bother our neighbors, but no one has ever mentioned it.


  1. I suppose simple barking is better than baying at the moon.

  2. mitch, it doesn't last long. She runs barking out into the vines and then loses interest.


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