Monday, November 14, 2016

Periodic puppy pics

Saturday morning was basically overcast, but there was a break in the clouds in the southeast just long enough for the rising sun to peek through during my walk with Callie. The vineyard is beautiful with layers of gold and brown right now. Callie likes to walk on the edges between the vines and the woods.

Callie enjoys her extended back yard.

One of the growers has already started pruning his vines. It seems early, but he's doing it. The vines next to where Callie is standing in the photo are pruned down to one cane. As winter comes, more and more of the vines will be pruned down.


  1. The vineyard and your photo are beautiful. And Callie knows how to position herself for best effect.

  2. The vineyard must be a magical place this time of year in the light of the full moon. When I let our dog out early this morning, it was shining like a big searchlight in the western sky.

  3. Holy cow, that is a beautifully composed image, Walt :)

  4. Lovel.y photo. The moon was bright like breakingndawn at 4am in my bedroom window.


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