Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Go for the beige

After a forty-five minute, last-minute, drive up to the tile showroom on Tuesday, we have decided that the tile we didn't think we ordered is actually the tile we did order. Both of us remember the tile we thought we ordered being more of an olive green color. But it's actually more of a beige color. We both scratched our heads when we were shown that no green tile exists and, even though the catalogue shows our tile as dark green (I did write in the catalogue that the tile we selected was lighter than in the photo), the tile we chose is beige. The color is called nuez which, in Spanish, means "nut."

More orange and gold in the vineyard. Very little beige.

So, after a week's delay in the shower construction, after I insisted that the tile people were wrong, and after Ken and I drove up there to prove them wrong, it turns out to be me who was wrong. We're going ahead with the beige-that-is-not-green. We did pick it out, after all. And we are in possession of it. Our tile guy (who has been very patient with us) is expected to come by this morning to lay the nuez tile.

Sometimes you feel like a nut. This is one of those times.


  1. A good reason not to ever be nasty in such situations, and we have all made similar mistakes, I am sure.

  2. Beige is the new green. You are such trendsetters.

  3. Been there.
    Tim tiled our kitchen and worktop about 30 years ago. When I got back from a weekend away I pointed out that they weren't the tiles we'd chosen. In this case I was right, but Tim hadn't noticed the difference!! The tiles are still there today. Time to move, m'thinks...
    I'm sure they will be lovely.

  4. It seems to me you weren't in error; their printed sample was. Oh well, at least it's beige and not another color that you couldn't make work. (And why am I now in the mood for an Almond Joy?)

  5. I knit. I often order yarn from internet sites. They have far more selection that one finds in the shops, when one finds a decent shop. You cannot count on the colors you see on the screen or on a print-out.
    But if you had a printed sample sheet distributed by the supplier, then Mitchell is right and you were mislead. Beige, at least, is very neutral and you can do other decoration in the bathroom to liven it up.

  6. Well, I hope that you will be happy with the results:) You have such a great eye for color -- I'm sure that you'll accentuate the room beautifully. Can't wait to see it!

  7. BTDT, walt. I bet the bathroom will be pretty when it's finished.

  8. I bet these tiles will be perfect. Remembering colors is almost impossible and matching fabric colors is impossible now that computers can generate infinite colors. Carry on and don't feel bad, people in the paint and tile business are used to dealing with problems such as the one you had.

  9. Colors are hard, and Evelyn describes the problem well.

  10. andrew, no cause for nastiness, to be sure.

    stuart, I knew that. ;)

    gaynor, wow! Obviously it was something you could live with.

    mitch, because... (you know the rest).

    ellen, we actually saw the tile on the wall in the showroom, but we both came away remembering it to be green.

    judy, I think it will be ok.

    anne marie, it took me a minute to figure out BTDT, but it finally came to me.

    evelyn, at least the contractor keeps coming back!

    chris, and then Ken and I describe colors differently, which makes me wonder what we actually see.


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