Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Here we go

Here's Callie at the beginning of her morning walk. It's her favorite part of the day. Along with treat time, lunch time, and afternoon walk time. And play time. And second treat time. And let's not forget nap time.

The leaves are falling faster and faster now, and many of these are brown or gone since I took this photo last week.

In less than 24 hours, we'll likely know the outcome of the US presidential election. It may be a rough night. We will be tempted to be up watching as the returns start coming in very early on our Wednesday morning. It was like that the last two times. We get CNN (International) here, and during their election coverage they send us the US feed. I won't tell you what it's like to listen to Wolf Blitzer drone on in the wee hours of the morning...


  1. Once again: a very nice picture, Walt! We keep our fingers crossed for tonight. Greetings from Perth.

  2. Geeeeze, you'll probably know before I will!

  3. Since so many of the crucial swing states are in the Eastern time zone, the news of the winner should come in fairly early...looking close, though, as of last night.

  4. I went to bed with an upset stomach and I woke up with one. No matter the outcome of this election (oh, please let us NOT be Trumped), I think my stomach (and many others) will be upset for some time to come. At least there's Callie and your beautiful photos to enjoy.

  5. Walt

    You can track key states here:


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