Sunday, November 06, 2016


Not all the grapes in the vineyards get harvested. Some are left behind by the machines. Others grow on parcels that have been neglected for years. These are some of the latter, I think. The wildlife will appreciate them.

I took this photo on Halloween. Those grapes may have been gobbled up by now.

Since it's Sunday, there will probably be hunters out back this morning. They don't arrive until nine o'clock, so Callie and I will get our walk in before then. The hunters are a very civilized bunch. They hunt only on Sundays (and holidays) and they quit for two hours at lunch time. Then they're back again until the light begins to fade. Individual hunters are looking for game birds (like pheasant) and wild hare. For larger prey, like roe deer and fox, they hold organized hunts a couple times a month.


  1. I love those beautiful reds. Keep your head down.

  2. I'm glad the hunters are civilized but I wouldn't enjoy hearing that sound. The photo? I don't know how many more ways to describe the beauty you see and share.

  3. Is there some sort of local folklore about leaving some grapes behind for 'them'? Do you have lutins?

  4. stuart, early on we were told not to go out walking after lunch on Sunday. Hunters drink wine, too. I think they were being funny. I think.

    mitch, those shotguns are loud!

    judy, unfortunately, it doesn't last very long.

    michael, well, it is a French word...


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