Sunday, November 13, 2016

The deck in autumn

Here's the current view from our deck. Many trees still have most of their leaves. Except for our two red (now orange) maples; they're almost done. It's time to get out there and rake. I'll spread the leaves on the vegetable garden to help keep weeds down over the winter.

The view from our deck across the road toward our neighbors' property.

It's also almost time to get the table and chairs into the garage for the winter and to clean up and cover the barbecue grill. We've been taking plants into the new greenhouse, but we still have a few to move. There's no threat of a freeze any time soon, but as December approaches, the risk rises.


  1. That's a wonderful view to have. And that carpet of gold is terrific.

  2. as long as the weather is sunny

  3. So idyllic... except for the raking and hauling, I suppose.

  4. why do the table & chairs need to be put away?

  5. I wish I could join you there to escape the madness of here.

  6. It sounds a lovely ritual: putting the patio a sleep for the winter.

  7. stuart, now I have to rake that carpet...

    gosia, it's nice when it's sunny, for sure.

    mitch, it's getting to chilly to sit out there and enjoy it.

    melinda, the table is clay tile on wood and I don't want it to sit through the damp winter.

    anne marie, we have our own madness here, but it seems less nuts. For now.

    judy, :)

    michael, yes, I like seasonal rituals. Especially when they involve food...


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