Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Hazy days of autumn

We had our first relatively clear morning in more than a week on Monday. There was no fog as the sun came up, but there was a thick haze. I wanted to get another wide shot of the far vineyards before all the color goes away. It's not exactly what I was hoping for, but it's close enough.

Scroll down to last Friday's photo to see the difference.

The mornings are getting colder, but it's still not raining. That's good for now because the guys are coming back this morning to finish up the greenhouse installation. I hope. Today is a holiday in France, but they're going to come anyway. The young guy is doing this as a side job to his regular landscaping work so he's been here on Saturdays. I don't know what his father does (he may be a grape grower/winemaker because his last name is well known around these parts). They thought they'd be done last week, and I'm sure they are anxious to finish up. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Your photo looks plenty good to me. Our contractors are also working today despite the holiday but we've got a few more days to go on our project. Wishing you a finished green house today!

  2. Me, too, hoping for a finished product today! It's mid-day there, now, so I hope things are well under way. It looks good!

  3. Gorgeous photo. The composition is mesmerizing - I feel like I am getting sucked down the red path into a golden future.

  4. That is so beautiful. I think I'm still going through withdrawal from the brilliant red foliage of the States. I also like that curve to the rows of vines.


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