Friday, November 11, 2016

Long weekend

Today is a day off for many people in France as they remember the end of the First World War. It's just another Friday for us, but we don't get our regular bread delivery and the hunters will be out roaming the vineyards and woods looking for pheasants. Callie and I saw one just the other day while walking.

The old storage building in the vineyard behind our house.

The tile for the new shower came yesterday, but it turned out to be the wrong color again. This time it was not our fault. The boxes were marked with the correct color name and code as the catalogue shows, but the tiles inside were a different color completely. I'm not talking about subtle shades of the same color, I'm talking the difference between green and ivory. It's not rocket science. They're going to try to correct things on Monday since they're closed today for the holiday. Sigh.

So yesterday, the tile guy finished building the bench inside the shower and the small wall that's part of the enclosure. I'm hopeful that the right tile will come and he'll get that all done during next week. The plumbing/heating contractor swept our chimney and cleaned the wood stove yesterday, so we're good for another year of fires.


  1. Oh dear, I feel your pain. So annoying to have the wrong colour tiles. Fingers crossed for next week.

  2. Isn't it odd how some things just turn into a saga due to one thing after another rather than any single impediment to the project?

  3. Where the boxes 'factory sealed' or might you have got returned tiles?

  4. What a shame and pain about the tile.

    I love that storage building.

  5. More showers down in the cold basement, eh? Yikes! Glad you can have your fires! Keep your chin up -- new tiles will arrive, the work will get done :)

  6. have a great day. In Poland we also celebrate


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