Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Rainy day

Woke up to rain and wind this morning. It's still dark outside. We put gravel on the floor of the greenhouse yesterday, but I didn't take any photos after we spread it around. We also put some plants inside for the winter.

Lots of condensation on the greenhouse glass. And there's part of the gravel that we spread over the floor.

We're expecting the shower tile to be delivered today, but are not sure when the tile guy will actually start laying it. Friday is a holiday here, so we may very well be into next week before the shower is done.


  1. Two great projects. Looking forward to new bathroom photos.

  2. We now have a president who is anti women, anti free choice, anti immigration, anti pluralism, et al. A sad day indeed.

  3. Oh, the greenhouse is a bit of magic with the condensation. So exciting. Thanks for sharing more beauty. The day is better because of you!

  4. bettyann, it's difficult to deal with the thoughts of what's ahead.

    linda, hello! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    mitch, judy, evelyn, glad to have you all here.

  5. the greenhouse looks lovely. I am still numb.

  6. anne marie, yeh, it's a downer!

    olivier, merci !


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