Saturday, November 05, 2016

Morning gold

The rising sun on a fall morning highlights the orange, yellow, and golden leaves in the trees and on the grape vines. Here's Callie heading toward home on a recent morning walk. She'll cross the paved road and head down the dirt road between the trees. She knows the way, of course.

The speed limit on the road to the right is 70 km/hr (a little over 40 mph). Luckily, Callie is very cautious around roads.

We have a break in the construction work for a few days. First, it's the weekend. And second, the tile isn't expected until Wednesday. The plumbing work is done, for the most part, and the shower pan is installed. Ken and I are going to the home improvement stores this morning to look for some small-sized gravel for the floor of the greenhouse. Meanwhile, we had some rain over night. Hopefully it was enough to wash away the pollen that's been blowing off the big fir trees for the last couple of weeks.


  1. That picture is a wonder... no surprise that you both love it up there!!

  2. I love your golden morning and am happy for you few days of peace.

  3. I want this picture enlarged and framed :-)
    Just kidding but it is a WOW picture

  4. tim, I like living next to a vineyard. There's something going on out there all year long.

    mitch, thanks. We're enjoying it, but are also anxious for the work to get done.

    t.b., lol! Thanks. :)


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