Thursday, November 17, 2016


The tile is up on the walls. And it looks pretty good. Today is grout day. Ken took some photos yesterday afternoon, but I haven't yet. Maybe today, once the grout is in. Then the plumbing contractor comes back on Monday to install the fixtures and the glass enclosure. We're getting closer to the finish line!

An unusual sight: immature grapes in the fall vineyard.

The days sure are feeling short now. Especially since we've been under a thick overcast for a while. There may be a "super moon" up there, but I'd prefer a super sun. Oh well, this, too, shall pass. Today is expected to be unseasonably warm, but windy. Maybe I'll get some work done outside.


  1. First impression: tiles are matching perfectly, Walt!

  2. That's an interesting shot. Are they new grapes, or old stunted ones? Here, the clouds have parted, at least for the moment and I got my first look at the super moon. I'm waiting for it to get closer to the horizon before shooting it.

  3. I finally saw the super moon last night. No immature grapes, though. And no new tile. Looking forward to your photos!

  4. I'm curious to see what paint color you choose for the walls. I know it's going to look great!

  5. Judging from Ken's pictures, my sense is that the tiles are going to look fine together.
    "Today is grout day." For some reason, that as a statement of being made me laugh.

  6. jan, did you see them on Ken's blog?

    stuart, I don't know if they're new or stunted. It surprised me, though.

    mitch, I still haven't seen the moon. But I know what it looks like, so I'm ok with that.

    judy, you'll see!

    emm, that was the goal, but working with color is not all that easy, at least for me.


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