Saturday, November 19, 2016

Neglecting the back yard

Well, not really. But with the wet and windy weather over the past few days, I have not got much accomplished out there. Add to that the work going on in the house and you can imagine that I'm not thinking that much about the outdoors right now. I was able to get the remaining vegetable plants pulled up and disposed of, and I got the hoses rolled up and put indoors for the winter. There were virtually no apples this year, so I haven't had to pick any up. Next year may be very different.

We ate some of the dinousaur kale (you can see it on the lower left) this past week. Yum!

But, rest assured, there will be breaks in the bad weather and we'll get out there and get things cleaned up before too long. The big job is the leaves. They're all on the ground now; the trees are bare. I'll get them raked up and spread on the garden plot at some point in the next week or so. We play this game every year and it usually works out.


  1. I agree with Mitch. Another perfect picture of Mother Nature's fall season. Beautiful, Walt!

  2. Yes, it does look beautiful--to me, too :)

  3. that looks some job. Wouldn't it be better to let the leaves lie where they are for spring fertilizer?

  4. How cold does it get there in deep winter? Below freezing, I imagine, but perhaps not much?

  5. mitch, I agree.

    jan, I see all kinds of work that needs to be done!

    judy, :)

    michael, I would like to run the lawn mower over it, but I may not get a chance unless things dry out a little.

    emm, not much below freezing. Depends on the year. The last couple of winters have been unseasonably warm.


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