Friday, November 18, 2016

More gold

Wind gusts and rain squalls battered us through the night and are expected to continue through the day today. I suspect that we'll see the vineyard and many of the trees out there a lot barer this morning when it gets light outside. Such is November. So, here's another look at what things were like last weekend at the peak of the fall color.

Golden leaves tinged with morning sunlight.

The shower tile is grouted and we really like it. The tile guy recommended a couple of colors for the walls from some paint stock he had on hand. One color looked pretty good and we agreed to try it. I'm glad we did. It's called "gardenia" and it's a warm off-white that bridges the two tile colors in the bathroom very nicely. A second coat goes on today.


  1. Fabulous panorama. The leaves are falling fast here too.

  2. I'm glad the tiles worked out.

  3. Brilliant color! So glad about the tile... and that the paint ended up being the color you thought it would be. (Gardenia, after all, could have turned out green!)

  4. stuart, the vineyard is nearly all brown now.

    jean, us too. Can't wait 'till it's done!

    mitch, it's a creamy-white leaning subtly toward yellow. And it works!

    chm, I'm glad to have the photos because it will all be gone soon. Winter!


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