Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Through the woods

This is the path through the artsy organized neighbor's property next to the vineyard parcels out back. He has a nicely graded dirt road that ends at the edge of a deep ravine. A smaller, less maintained path dives down into the ravine itself, possibly connecting to the paved road that runs on the other side of the stream bed down there. I wonder if he lives in one of the houses down there or somewhere else.

The "road" ends here. Behind where I'm standing, Callie and I walk on a small deer path through the woods.

The greenhouse is done! Well, the assembly is done. Ken and I have some ideas for finishing the floor, and we need some greenhouse "furniture," that is shelving and a potter's bench. We're very happy with the work, so far. No glaring errors, nothing broken, it all seems right. Time will tell. Demolition work begins today on the old shower stall.


  1. Oh, the stories you could make up about that artsy neighbor. What a beautiful road/trail. Have fun with the green house.

  2. Yesterdays picture was wonderful... the red vanishing beyond the horizon almost!

    I like the look of your new lean-to... just a thought from someone who's been there and didn't do that... as you don't intend to grow stuff in the ground in the greenhouse, don't let it get a chance of a foothold....
    Put some geotextile... 100gsm minimum.... underneath whatever flooring you use. I didn't, initially, and regretted it!
    Ended up lifting the flooring and washing what hadn't been incorporated into the soil by the wurrums...
    and then relaid it and extra on the top of thick geotextile.
    We still got some weeds growing in the flooring because of spilled dirt from the growbags...
    and settled dust... but they root no further than the geotextile and are a doddle to pull out!!

  3. Another intriguing photo; this one luring us farther into the woods.

  4. mitch, we're gonna like it!

    tim, good advice.

    judy, you can say that again!

    wilma, if you go out in the woods today... tra-la-la. ;)


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