Monday, November 07, 2016

Figs again

A nearby friend's fig tree has been very generous this year, and so has the friend by sharing her bounty with us. Ken has already done up two batches of figs in syrup for the freezer. Those will be delicious thawed out and eaten with holiday meats, including foie gras. On Sunday, I made another fig tart.

These figs were left over after I made a pie. We'll eat them some way or another.

We're hopeful that we'll get the gravel we want for the greenhouse floor today. We found some that we wanted, but weren't prepared with containers to bring it home in. That particular building supply store doesn't sell the gravel in bags, but in bulk. Customers use their trailers (we don't have one) or other containers to transport it. We'll head over there this morning with our big bins.


  1. Or maybe you should just buy a trailer on your way over...

  2. Way back in my undergraduate days, 4 of us shared an old farmhouse that had the most wonderful fig bush. I can attest that a fresh fig daiquiri is nectar of the gods.

  3. I'd like you to do a more personal post...your history, disasters, gossip etc.......just once xx

  4. mitch, hehe... problematic: we'd need to have a towing ball and electrics installed on one (or both) of the cars, then get the trailer registered with the DMV. Bother.

    judy, like that was gonna happen... even though we've talked about it for years.

    wilma, I don't drink many daiquiris, but that sounds interesting.

    john, hmmmm, I wouldn't want to disappoint you with my boring stories...


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