Saturday, August 05, 2017

A summer view

This is what our hamlet looks like this time of year. Summer is in full swing, and the weather is, as usual, unpredictable. But the vineyards look lush and very green. Tasha has a good time running under the vines and up and down the rows.

Our hamlet with the Cher valley in the background.

Ken will tell you more on his blog, but on Friday I drove up to Contres and bought a new freezer. Ours is getting up there in years and we feel like we should have a new one in case the old one decides to die. The new freezer is not a chest style like the old one. It is tall and has drawers and shelves, like a refrigerator. Maybe that way we won't have as many UFOs (Unidentified Frozen Objects) lurking down in the depths.


  1. Oh yes, even in our normal refrigerator, we have UFOs in the freezer.

  2. Sorry but they haunt the stand up freezers too.

  3. andrew, they must transport in Star Trek style!

    sillygirl, we label everything, and I still find unlabeled (and unrecognizable) stuff in the freezer.

    1. Thanks for the laugh but I do that too plus the labels I can't read - and the unlabeled ones I'm SURE that I will remember what they are!

  4. How lovely. This looks like August incarnate

  5. Beautiful. We have no use for a big freezer like that, but it sure sounds like a fun toy.


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