Sunday, August 20, 2017


The firewood is stacked and ready for another season. It only took a couple of hours over two days. I still have to clean up all the mess that comes with the wood, like bark and smaller pieces of wood. Now that it's dried up after the rain, I can gather that stuff up and put it in the kindling pile.

The north side of the house is where the logs live, under the narrow section of the deck that wraps around from the front. That leaning concrete pole in the middle of the photo is one end of the clothesline. The leaning boards on the right side are Bert's ladder up to the deck.

Tasha is scheduled to be spayed on Wednesday. In preparation, we're planning to give her a bath on Tuesday. The weather is predicted to be hot, so she'll be able to dry outdoors. This will be her first-ever bath and we're not sure how she'll react. Should be interesting.


  1. It's always a work of art! (And I think the firewood all looks very sincere... not at all superficial.)

  2. Too late now, but mind your backs as you do the annual wood stack. You live in interesting times when you give you dog her first bath.

  3. Our dogs hate their baths and shake and wine the whole time. Always a stressful occasion for us.

  4. Yes, yes, it's a beautiful wood stack!
    Can't wait to hear about Tasha's bathing experience :)

  5. Fingers crossed that Tasha is one of the bath loving dogs.

  6. mitch, as long as it burns earnestly...

    andrew, yes, the backs were watched.

    sassybear, I'll let you know how Tasha does. I'm not optimistic. ;)

    judy, it will interesting!

    gosia, yup!

    susan, thanks. Me, too!


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