Saturday, August 19, 2017

It rained

Friday turned out to be a rainy day. We need the rain, so that's good. Half the firewood is stacked, so that's good, too. But the other half is out in the rain. Oh well. It won't matter much since, once we get it stacked, it will dry out before we need to use it. It's only superficially wet.

A poplar leaf, I think, with raindrops.

The rain barrels are filled and overflowing. If it's not hot and dry, we don't really need much water outdoors. The indoor plants need water, of course, so we have plenty. I went out and got a new axe on Friday. The axe I've been using since 2006 is past its prime. The cutting head is no longer attached to the handle and it slides down, making splitting logs a little difficult. So, a new axe for fall. An early Christmas present!


  1. These "wet leaves"-series gradually form an very interesting collection, Walt. And do take care with that new axe!

  2. Sorry, "a" and not "an"; Dutchie writing English: that's what you get :-)!

    1. Don't worry, English (?) speaking Americans make the same mistake :-)

  3. I would love a good rain! Humid again this morning. I hate superficial firewood.

  4. Oh, my! An axe in good condition seems a must, so I'm glad you treated yourself to a new one. Safety first!
    (Mitchell, you crack me up.)

  5. This shot and the recent weather make us thinking already of fall. I think that will change by early next week though.

  6. jan, I'll do my best!

    mitch, you do get rain in winter, right?

    judy, the cutting head has been sliding down the handle for a couple of years, but I was too lazy to do anything about it. Until now.

    stuart, I'm glad it's changing because I wasn't done with summer yet!


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