Monday, August 28, 2017

Another blast of summer

The past few days have been, and the next few are predicted to be, very summery. I know, I've been mentioning it. But it's worth mentioning. It's been a very strange summer. This may be the last warm spell. Or not. The caprices of a temperate climate.

Back when it rained last, these grapes were covered in raindrops.

The heat is good for our garden, and I'm hoping it's good for the vineyards as well. We're planning to have BLTs for lunch today, with French fries. Yum.


  1. I read on BBC news online that the French grape harvest is expected to be the lowest since 1945. I immediately attributed it to the war, but the article went on to say it was the cold weather that did the crop in. Lovey shot.

  2. Beautiful photo. Those grapes look as if they're made of jade and sprinkled with crystals.

  3. mitch, thanks!

    coppa's girl, they were good!

    judy, :)

    wilma, yes, it is an unusual year. It will be interesting to taste it next spring.

    gosia, almost!

    emm, and they're tasty, too!


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