Monday, August 14, 2017

Raindrops on grape leaves

And whiskers on kittens! Oh, forgive me if I've used that one before. We had some light rain on Saturday night and on Sunday morning everything was covered with little raindrops. So there will now be lots of photos with raindrops.

Raindrops on grape leaves.

One thing I noticed on my Sunday morning walk was how the flowers and plants and trees are starting to look all autumnal. We've still got more than a month until fall arrives, officially. I guess we had an early summer, so now we're going to have an early fall. And I'm hoping for a short winter. Ha!


  1. "Ha!" indeed!
    These raindrop leaves look fab. Such great photography!

  2. Stunning. I look forward to cream-colored ponies.

  3. Perfect! More! We want MORE photos! Just beautiful!

  4. Isn't it great how the rain freshens everything and makes the colors more saturated?


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