Thursday, August 10, 2017

Another vineyard view

It rained a lot on Wednesday, mostly in the middle of the day. While it's more than a month away, it feels a lot like fall right now. Fortunately, neither one of us had to walk Tasha in the heavy rain. Just a few sprinkles here and there.

Dark puffy clouds march across the sky above the vineyards.

The squash from the garden are starting to pile up. We have a few plans to use some of it and to give some of it away, but we're probably going to have to do some freezing soon. Not to mention the green beans. We have a bunch to blanch and freeze (and some to eat today), but I need to go out and harvest some more before they get too big. And the tomatoes are starting!


  1. It was good to see a heavy rain again. To me, it's so much more preferable to the canicules. I like the composition of your vineyard shot. And those clouds are perfect for this scene.

  2. Ah, life on the farm. The vineyard views are always beautiful and never the same.

  3. Beautiful :) We are not yet having fall weather -- sticky, humid, and 85 today, with some rain showers. But, I'm back at school, so it doesn't much matter what's going on outside LOL.

  4. Dark rainy fall-like days here in Dixieland. The new freezer will make the harvest more fun this year.

  5. Look at those clouds! Beautiful!

  6. stuart, I like the nice weather, but too much heat is hard to bear. I'm not comfortable in anything over 30, maybe lower!

    mitch, it's always changing.

    judy, back already? Arrgh!

    evelyn, I certainly hope we get some more summer like weather before summer ends!

    linda, :)

    elgee, thanks!


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