Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha reacts to Trump's latest tweet. I can't tell if she's expressing shock or just yawning. We wore her out yesterday by taking her to some friends' home for lunch. She was a very good dog all day, exploring the grounds and generally being friendly and cute. But because we were out, she didn't get her usual mid-day nap. When we got home last night, she crashed and slept without a peep through the night. Neither the early morning thunder nor the passing garbage truck could rouse her out of bed.

If you look closely, you can see Tasha's name tag. She's also wearing her stylish black harness.

I picked a whole bunch of green beans on Monday morning, so today we'll be working to preserve them. Most likely they'll get blanched and frozen, but we'll probably keep some out to eat fresh.


  1. Yeah, I'd go with "aghast". As in "He said what !??!" What a wonderful shot.

  2. I'll second Stuart's conclusion. Did you perhaps read some quotes from Anthony Scaramucci to her? Consensus seems to be that they were definitely jaw dropping.

  3. I love Tasha! It looks like she's saying, "What the...?!?"

  4. I certainly hope that Walt is a better doggie daddy than to expose his little girl to *that*!!! Hmph!
    Besides, that one is yesterday's firing.

  5. It's late, but I just remembered it's Tasha Tuesday. What a cutie!


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