Sunday, August 27, 2017

Our little conehead

Tasha is getting used to the "cone of shame." The first day was difficult. She seemed kind of depressed about it. But now she's learning to live with it. I think she might think that it's what happens to dogs. She doesn't know any different. Still, we take it off frequently for her meals and walks in the yard. I think she's being a good sport. I'll show you a photo on Tuesday.

Pine needles stuck to a leaf after a rainstorm.

We feel bad about it all, of course. It's new to us, since Callie never tried to pull her stitches out, and she had two surgeries in her first year. But, as strange as it is, it's all temporary. Soon it will be a memory and things will be back to normal.


  1. Meps! The Coneheads do after all come from France.

  2. Poor puppy. It's hard to enough to deal with post-surgery issues even when you can understand what's going on.

  3. Tasha is such a sweet tempered girl! Whatever you throw her way, she adapts to, and loves you through it all :) She'll be so pleased when you take that cone off and don't put it back on after.

    Is she still handling the car rides well?

  4. stuart, which is why I moved here. I like to consume mass quantities.

    mitch, she's much, much better now.

    judy, today she seemed to ask to have her cone back. It's become a fashion accessory. ;)


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