Friday, August 04, 2017


I mentioned the other day that I've seen the red grapes starting to turn color, so I went out on Thursday with the camera. It's hard to tell how things will go this year. First there was the April freeze, then the alternating heat waves and cold spells. Some of the grapes look normal, others look smaller than usual, and some parcels look like they have very few bunches in them.

These red grapes go from green to pink to "blueberry" blue in the course of their ripening.

It must be very stressful to be a grower and to be dependent on the weather for your livelihood. Very few years are perfect, and the years can be very different one to the next. Temperature, rainfall, sunlight, storms, there's always something to worry about.


  1. I think they are like Australian dairyfarmers. They make a killing one year and that carries them for less profitable years.

  2. A beautiful photo of beautiful grapes, thanks!

  3. andrew, if they have a string of bad years, they can go out of business. I don't think I could handle the uncertainty.

    bettyann, :)


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