Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Waning summer

The signs are everywhere. Wildflowers are setting seed and fading away. Grapes are maturing on the vine. Certain poplars are going yellow and dropping their leaves. And the days are tangibly shorter.

Just one blossom remains on this wild chicory plant. Many others are totally bare already.

Schools start up again in about three weeks signaling the end of summer vacations for a lot of people. It won't be long before we start to hear the harvesters out in the vineyards.


  1. So strange to think of summer waning already. Then again, it's not already. It's due. I don't like to wish the time away, but it's so much nicer here when all the out-of-towners go back to work.

  2. Wow. Those colors are fabulous. Nice shot !

  3. Les saisons sont beaux, n'est-ce pas?

  4. I was sitting in our car waiting for my husband to get back from his walk - the leaves on the tree above me had turned yellow and as the wind blew I was in a yellow "snowstorm".

  5. the same is here autumn on the way

  6. Beautiful picture and bright colour, Walt! And over here... days are getting longer: spring is about to come :-)!

  7. Schools have reopened here in NC, which I find very odd. But then, they end the school year sometime in May, I think, rather than June.
    I noticed yesterday that the greens are changing--the trees have lost that lush, bright color, and the green is fading off into duller shades.

  8. mitch, August will be over in two weeks! Yikes...

    stuart, thanks!

    angiemanzi, I think they're more belles than beaux... ;)

    sillygirl, I like when that happens.

    evelyn, right?

    gosia, :)

    jan, enjoy! I like fall, but then there's winter.

    emm, wow. School in August. Maybe it's better to be in an air-conditioned classroom?


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