Monday, August 21, 2017

New moon

This must be the eclipse day. We won't see it here, except (as I understand it) right around sunset. And then it will not be anywhere near the total eclipse that many people in the US will be treated to. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of television coverage of the event.

Raindrops clinging to grape vine tendrils.

I got to barbecue on Sunday for the first time in a while. The weather is shifting back into a summer-like pattern for the next week or so. We missed it so. The harvest continues in the vegetable garden. As much as I try to pick the zucchini before it gets too big, there is always one that manages to hide until it's the size of a baseball bat. Tuesday is bath day for Tasha, then she goes in to get spayed on Wednesday. And I need to cut the grass again.


  1. Poor Tasha. If she read this, you'd get a major eye roll ".... then she goes in to get spayed... And I need to cut the grass again."

    1. Haaa haaaa!
      Glad you got the collar and tag back (nice man!).
      We're heading outside this afternoon, at school, to watch the skies get dark, and see the full eclipse. We're in the path of totality!

  2. Good news about the collar.

  3. mitch, well, at least I didn't put the grass ahead of her.

    judy, I just read that Trump looked without glasses (but he eventually put them on).

    emm, yes!

  4. Saw the eclipse in Gallatin Tennessee and loved every minute (2) of totality! Just amazing. I hope you get one near you someday.


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