Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Another portrait on the deck. She's so photogenic. I got her a new collar on Monday. The old one was somehow broken and came off. I don't know how it got broken, but it did and it came off on the vineyard road. A local man who regularly walks there found the collar on the road and brought it back to us.

Today is Tasha's bath day. Tomorrow, surgery! Ugh.

Tasha's ID tag was still attached, so I don't have to order a new one. Now she has a new collar and her tag back. I feel much better. The old collar was one that we've had, I think, since 1992 when we got Collette. We used it while she was small, then got her a bigger one as she grew up. We used it again in 2007 when Callie was a pup, then got her a bigger collar after the first year. So the broken collar was about twenty-five years old. The new one should last at least that long.


  1. What a beautiful girl Tasha is. Hope that the surgery goes well, and she has no after effects.

  2. She really is a beauty and I love those curls around her ears. I could look at this photo forever. I think I'm in love.

  3. We need during and post-bath photos, too. Glad you got the tags back.

  4. She really is photogenic. You guys do pick beautiful dogs--Collette was so gorgeous, Callie, too. But this one, Natasha, might be the cutest of all. I hear she's got some surgery coming up. Hope all goes very smoothly.

  5. Good luck with her first bath! Photos needed I think!

  6. Looking forward to post-bath photos.
    I have dog collars that old, and now am rethinking whether to use them again if the latches may be bad. You don't think about plastic decaying, given that it seems to stay around forever when it's junk.

  7. coppa's girl, thanks. We hope so too!

    mitch, I wonder if the groomer (we planning an appointment in the fall) will trim those curls or not?

    raybeard, :)

    wilma, you got 'em!

    ginny, thanks, things should go pretty well. I don't remember any issues when we had Collette and Callie "done."

    susan, got it covered!

    emm, I think the plastic just got brittle with age so that it snapped under pressure.


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