Thursday, August 03, 2017

Stuffed lemon squash

When your garden gives you summer squash in abundance, you have to find different ways of dealing with it. One way is to give some away to your neighbors, which we have done. We're lucky to have generous neighbors who share the fruit from their plum trees with us, so it's nice to be able to give something back.

Lemon squash cut in half, steam-blanched, then hollowed out, ready for stuffing.

Next to slicing and grilling, stuffing summer squash is one of my favorite ways to eat them. These are small round lemon squash. We only have one plant (given to us by a friend), but it is prolific. The stuffing in this case was easy: Ken cut open some spicy chorizette sausages and cooked up the meat with squash pulp and small bread cubes. The sausages are made by the butchers in our local Super U market and they're often on sale in the summer months.

The stuffed squash went right into the freezer to be eaten in the coming weeks.

We also have three standard zucchini plants producing now, and we've grilled and stuffed them as well, most recently with a ground chicken stuffing (Ken posted about them on his blog today). That was tasty. If we get tired of eating the squash, I will grate and freeze them for making things like zucchini bread and fritters in the fall.


  1. I guess chorizette is what know as chorizo.

    1. andrew, nope! Sorry to be misleading. It's a raw sausage that needs to be cooked, not a cured one like chorizo. They call it chorizette because it has the same spices as chorizo.

  2. The chorizette sausages we buy and cook on the grill look like these: chorizettes à griller

  3. That looks good. Do you freeze the stuffed squash raw or after cooking?

  4. mitch, let me know if he makes it.

    emm, the squash was blanched and the sausage was sauteed before freezing. It will get cooked a little more when we eat it.

  5. They look delicious!
    They also look very similar to the stuffed marrow rings I sometimes make in the UK, marrow being a giant courgette.


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