Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Summer in the vineyards

It's been a strange summer, so far. Even though we've had brief periods of rain, I think the region is under a drought advisory. There are water use restrictions in place, but we haven't been notified of anything specific. I read that in certain areas, watering lawns and gardens is forbidden, but people can water their vegetable gardens during certain hours of the day.

The grasses are dry, otherwise it doesn't look like a drought. But looks can be deceiving, right?

The rain we do get is not enough to alleviate the drought conditions over all, but it does put a damper on our walks. Tasha and I will probably be walking entre les gouttes (between the raindrops) this morning.


  1. Beautiful contrast and depth. Hope it's a nice walk and that you get a healthy rains when you need it... after your walk.

  2. Nice photo! I hope your walk was fun.

  3. Boy we got hammered with rain over here today. I trust you got it too. This should make the gardeners and farmers happy, for the moment anyway.

  4. mitch, I haven't checked the rain gauge yet, but it rained quite a bit yesterday.

    evelyn, it was! I saw a little deer.

    stuart, us, too. We probably need more to make the farmers happy...


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