Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cool down

The heat wave has broken, at least that's what the weather people are saying. It should be much cooler today, and the next few days are going to feel downright chilly. Again. This summer has been a series of hot and cold. Makes me wonder what winter will be like.

A still-green acorn on the ground.

In the meantime we have fall. The signs of summer's end are all over. I can feel the crunch of acorns beneath my feet when I walk with Tasha. It won't be long before the chestnuts fall and litter our road with their husks which, like every year, get mashed into a puree by cars.

Bert brought another live mouse into the house. That's what we get when all the doors are open to cool the house down. The mouse seems to be hanging out under the stove and behind the dishwasher. I've put a trap down, but so far the mouse has been cunning enough to take the bait twice without tripping the trap. Let's hope the third time is the charm. Well, maybe "charm" is the wrong word...


  1. I love the contrasts in this photo. As for Bert, so sweet that he brings home new friends.

  2. That bright spot of green against the dull browns is great !


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