Thursday, August 31, 2017

Just plummy

A few weeks ago, when there was a glut of ripe plums coming in from the neighbors, Ken thought to preserve some of them in alcohol. He put a batch of plums in a large jar with white rum and sugar. They'll macerate in the cellar for a few months and then we'll have two things: the fruit and the flavored rum. Both will be good for cooking and the rum should be good for sipping. Neither of us usually drinks rum, but the fruit-flavored version might be tasty. We'll see.

Plums in rum and sugar.

Tasha went back to the vet's on Wednesday. She may have a light urinary tract infection. She's been having trouble peeing, and she had a couple of accidents in the house on Wednesday morning, something she hasn't done in almost two months. When we take her outside she squats several times with only a few drops as the result. According to some internet sites, these could be the symptoms of a kidney infection or a UTI. I suspect that, because of the cone, she can't lick her private parts to keep them clean, providing an opportunity for bacteria to settle in.

So, the doctor looked her over and basically said, "well, it's possible." Except for the urination issues, there are no other serious symptoms. She's eating normally and is full of energy. So she's on a run of antibiotics and back on the anti-inflammatory pills for a week. Since seeing the doctor, there have been no more accidents in the house (knock on wood), and she pretty much slept normally through the night.

I'll be happy when her stitches come out next week and we don't need the cone any more.


  1. Poor Tasha.... she'll be glad when she doesn't have to wear the cone any longer.
    And the plums will work wonderfully with the rum... you lose the 'ruminess' and gain 'pluminess'!!
    We do it with quetsches and sloes.

  2. Looking forward to, but not as much as you, next week and no more stitches!

    Those plums look so good and Ken's preservation of them sounds even better.

  3. I can't wait for Tasha to have that cone removed :)

  4. poor Miss T......
    do u have to peel the plums before putting in rum??

  5. I remember those plums! I'm glad Tasha is doing better now.

  6. What a great plan for a plum glut. As they say in Italy, when life give you plums, make plum-cello.

  7. tim, I think she's becoming attached to the cone...

    mitch, I'm more tired of the cone than the dog is.

    judy, it's funny, but it hardly cramps her style!

    melinda, no, just rinsed and in they go, skins and all.

    evelyn, she shows no signs of any discomfort, thankfully.

    stuart, hehehe... I love limoncello!

  8. "rhum arrangé" - a specialty from La Réunion!


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