Friday, September 01, 2017

Fading fast

As fall approaches, some flowers, like our jerusalem artichokes, are just starting to bloom. Others, like these daisies, are fading away. Long gone are the wild chicory flowers, and the Queen Anne's lace has seen better days.

A wilting daisy in black and white.

The mouse under the stove has escaped its doom for the third time, feasting on peanut butter without tripping the trap I set. I'm thinking that these traps are junk. They're not the same traps I used for the last two mice because I threw those traps away with the dead mice. I'm going to try the live-catch trap tonight if it will fit under the stove.


  1. Where you place the trap is rather important. We have been lucky by putting it along the wall/floor edge rather than underneath a sofa or whatever. Best to you for a result!

  2. OK with that shot, summer is officially over. I love it.

  3. what a shame the end of summer

  4. This may seem a strange question - but what have you got a cat for?

  5. All I've got to say is, "That's some cat!"

  6. Mr. Bertie, paging Mr. Bertie. You're needed in the kitchen.

  7. potty, the trap's in a good place, as evidenced by the fact that the mouse takes the bait every time.

    stuart, I'm still hoping for some decent weather!

    gosia, too soon!

    coppa's girl, good question. He usually brings us dead mice to view before he eats them. But once in while he figures that we might want to play with one, like he does. He's soooooo wrong! As for the current one, it hides by day, and Bert is not in the house at night.

    mitch, he's something, alright.

    emm, but he can't get under the stove...


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