Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Which way do we go?

It doesn't matter since both paths end up in the same place. But Tasha waited for me to pick one. I like the one on the right because it's easier to walk with less grass and weeds (fewer chances for ticks).

Tasha waits for me while I take a photo.

And, speaking of ticks, now that we've changed flea and tick medicines, I haven't seen a tick in months. I guess the ticks evolved a resistance to the Frontline we had been using for years. We were always pulling attached ticks off of Callie or finding the engorged dead ones on the floor. Yuck. The vet told us that the medicine should kill ticks as soon as they start to feed, rather than after they've had their fill. You shouldn't see them at all.

Now, the company that made Frontline has a new formula under a new name: NexGard. The medicine is in chewable tablet form, which makes it easier to administer. The old stuff was a liquid in a dropper that we applied to the back of Callie's and Tasha's necks. They didn't like it at all. Tahsa eats up the new stuff like it's a treat. And I haven't seen a single tick on her since the switch three months ago, when Tasha started getting some fleas. They disappeared, too.


  1. Does Bertie get the meds, too? We had some fleas from a stray cat we befriended this summer- I'd forgotten how bad fleas are.

  2. frontline stopped working for many here ages ago.....and there is nothing for ticks for cats

  3. We use NexGard for one of our dogs, but unfortunately the other one won't eat them. So she still gets topical treatment. It's a bit cheaper, too, but messier, of course. Nice pic!

  4. That's great news for dog owners. Hmmm. Maybe I'll take some myself the next time we go to Virginia !

  5. judy, so far, so good!

    evelyn, he is still getting frontline for now, until it runs out. He doesn't have much of a problem with fleas or ticks.

    melinda, our vet says there's a combo that does fleas, ticks, and worms for cats. I'm going to try that when the frontline runs out.

    ginny, the finicky dog won't even eat them hidden in a piece of cheese? That's how we got Tasha's antibiotics down!

    stuart, check with your vet, first. ;)

  6. Tasha has turned out to be a really fast learner. As for ticks, we used to use that liquid on the nape of the neck against fleas for our cats in California. One didn't even notice it. The other hated it. We haven't yet had to bother with anything here since they only have the terrace. Hope it stays that way.


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