Tuesday, September 26, 2017


We had a few "volunteers" in this year's vegetable garden. Two of the plants were tomatoes. Very small tomatoes, similar to cherry tomatoes but oblong, not round. The third volunteer was a Swiss chard plant. I'm not sure how it got to the place where it sprouted because we've never had chard in that spot before. The only thing I can think of is that a seed from a previous year was in the compost pile.

A back-lit chard leaf.

When I noticed the plant last spring, I didn't pay it any attention. But it kept growing, so I started watering it. It's become a healthy plant, and quite big. We've already harvested from it, and there are enough good leaves still out there for another harvest.

Note: Tasha Tuesday has the day off.


  1. No Tasha Tuesday??? 😩

    Great photo!

  2. Well, I'm missing Tasha, but I think you're right about the compost. We get so many "volunteers" in our compost. The trouble is not knowing what they are half the time.

  3. This photo makes me think of a big river in the forest and its little tributaries.

  4. judy, thanks!

    bettyann, sorry. I just didn't get it together in time.

    ginny, so true. I had no idea what kind of tomatoes they would be until they set fruit. Luckily, I didn't have any of that variety already in the garden.

    chm, you're right!


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