Monday, September 11, 2017

Late summer flowers

This is the second summer since I moved these Jerusalem artichokes to this spot in front of the garden shed. It's about as far away from the house as you can get in the back yard, which makes it far from the water spigot. Fortunately, there's a rain collection barrel behind the shed so I don't have to haul a hose or water very far.

There are several cracks in the shed walls that need to be filled. One day.

And, fortunately again, these plants are not water hogs and don't need to be watered much. I used to have lavender in this spot, but it got too big and leggy and had to come out. I tried cosmos and sunflowers here, but I wasn't very vigilant about water (being focused on the vegetable garden) and they didn't do well at all. So I'm happy with these. Low maintenance, drought tolerant.


  1. These sunchokes thrive in the wasteland of Southern California.

  2. What a good thing it is to have a garden shed. Yours looks quite sturdy. Off topic, would you send me an email to I'd like to discuss a proposal. Thanks. Stuart

  3. Everything you two day comes out looking really lovely :)

  4. the yellow looks good with your brown shutters. I love this photo.

  5. We grow sunflowers in our vegetable garden. They look so cheery, and there are many varieties.

  6. Practical and charming. Would a row of low marigolds along the front of the tall plants be nice?

  7. Utterly charming! Love these in front of the shed. Well done.

  8. chm, well, if they can survive there, they should be alright here!

    stuart, it's a good place to keep the mower, the tiller, the wheelbarrows, and the long-handled tools.

    judy, aw shucks! But I don't show you the goof-ups...

    evelyn, those shutters need replacing. Maybe this year!

    diane, I've done that, too and liked the effect.

    jocelyn, I think they would, but this year's marigolds (in another location) became fast food for the slugs and snails. I was so disappointed.

    ginny, thanks!


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