Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

We're in the home stretch. Tasha is scheduled to have her stitches and staples removed on Thursday morning. After that, she will no longer need to wear the "cone of shame." I think she'll miss it, but not for long.

Tasha has gotten used to the cone. She needs to have her hair brushed again.

Our new thing is trying to get her to walk on a leash. She hates the leash so much that when it's on, she just stands still and won't budge. I'm working on it, with treats, to get her to accept it. She will eventually accept it, of course. All in due time. I remember when we did this with Callie, Ken had to drag her on the ground before she would accept the leash. She finally did. Tasha will, too.


  1. Very angelic. But next time get a gold cone.

  2. To me it looks regal. Like a ruff (groan). Still, Stuart is right. Gold would be better.

  3. Oh, that is funny, thinking of her just sitting there, not budging :)

  4. I remember trying to put a harness on one of my cats. The cat thought she was paralyzed and basically melded herself to the floor. It was soooo pitiful.

  5. Tasha - so pretty, even with the cone! hope all goes well on Thursday!

  6. Her cone is much more chic than some I've seen, even has a finished edge.
    She'll come around to the leash eventually. And as Susan said, maybe a harness? There are lots of soft-fabric ones out now, and I imagine they're comfortable for the dogs.

  7. stuart, next time? I hope there isn't one... ;)

    mitch, this one is reflective. I know, because I see it at 4:00 in the morning with my flashlight.

    judy, funny, yes. Not so funny, yes, too.

    wilma, well, cats...

    anne marie, me too! Thanks!

    susan, oh yes. We only use a harness.

    emm, that edge is highly reflective, as I found out when I take her out at 4 in the morning. And yes, we do use a harness. It's so much more civilized. :)


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