Thursday, September 07, 2017

Today's the day

I'm taking Tasha to the vet's this morning to have her staples and what's left of her stitches removed. After that, she won't need to wear her cone any more. Yippee! Although she's used to having to wear it, it still is an encumbrance, especially when she's moving fast and catches it on a door jamb, a piece of furniture, or the steps.

The vine leaves are very green, but the grasses in between vineyard parcels are parched brown.

I got the grass cut over the last two days. Not that there's much grass to cut because it's been so dry. The grass grows better in the shady parts of the yard, but the sunnier parts are parched. Still, the weeds grow and send up their flowers, so they needed to be cut. The ground is hard as concrete and crisscrossed with equally hardened mole runs. The uneven surface makes the mower bounce all over the place. My records show that I last cut the grass 32 days ago. The time before that was another 30 days prior. We just haven't had any significant rainfall over the past few months.


  1. Oh, I got ahead of myself (or you) and thought the cone was already off. Glad it's really happening.

  2. With all that dryness, I hope it's not going to ruin the vendange.

  3. It's amazing that your vegetable garden is doing so well without any significant rain.

  4. mitch, no problem! Hope your trip is good.

    stuart, I've been hearing good things so far about quality, if not quantity.

    judy, we collect rainwater and I use that until it runs out, then the hose, of course. I only water the vegetables and certain plants (like hydrangeas). The lawn gets only rain, when it rains.


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