Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The leash life

It only took a few days, but I think Tasha is now ok with walking on a leash. At first she hated it and stood defiantly, not budging an inch while she was attached. On the next try, I actually got her to take a few steps, but I had to pull hard, almost dragging her, to force her to move.

Tasha is learning that walks on a leash can still be fun. Although, not as much.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, with lots of praise (and a little tugging) she actually walked with the leash on. We took a short loop around the vines behind the back gate. This morning we went on a full-fledged walk through the vineyards with the leash on. I only had to nudge her a little at first, but she trotted right along, even leading the way a time or two. When we saw a couple of deer in the woods, Tasha learned the limit of the leash.

We always use a harness (as we did with Collette and Callie). She was already accustomed to the harness because she wears it for car rides; she has a little short leash that clicks into the seat belt buckle so that she's attached inside the car. She has no problems with that.


  1. Hey should be no problem, my wife has had me on a short leash for years.

  2. It seems Tasha will adapt quickly to just about anything. (And she looks beautiful without the cone!) What a relief for you I'm sure!

  3. Coneless and looking so different to when she was a pup.

  4. So, are you just training her so that, when you have to, you can use a leash with her? Or are the daily walks going to involved the leash, now?

  5. Now Tasha will be able to go to the market with you sometimes and on trips. Yay!

  6. cone-free puppy! she must have healed nicely after her snip!

  7. I'm so glad she's learning to use a leash. And I love the white wisps of hair growing out of her ears. She's a beauty.

  8. How long do you expect it to be before you feel confident enough to have your daily walks leashless and how to you go about training her to stay close and return on command?

  9. raybeard, she is that.

    stuart, hehe.

    mitch, we're looking forward to no more cone!

    andrew, she's still only six months old, there's more puppyhood ahead!

    judy, it's more the former than the latter. We'll get to the point where she'll be allowed off-leash for daily walks. She's a little reckless off-leash now, running away after deer and things, and we're afraid she'll chase cars, too, which is dangerous.

    bettyann, see above. ;)

    evelyn, that's the plan!

    anne marie, she did lick half her stitches out, which necessitated the staples and the cone!

    ginny, she is a pretty little pup!

    susan, good question! Maybe through the winter? Constant training on certain commands (sit, stay, stop, down, and come) is the rule. We've got a long way to go.


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