Thursday, September 28, 2017

Deck days

It's been nice to have relatively warm afternoons to sit out on the deck. We'll take every one we get. And a little glass of rosé makes it even better. I hope the nice weather lasts into October.

A sunny fall afternoon on the deck.

On Wednesday morning I took the chainsaw out and cut up a pile of logs that have been sitting out by the driveway for about a year. Some of them are the trunks of a couple of small trees that fell near the road down the hill from us. One of our neighbors noticed a tree leaning against the telephone wire that serves our hamlet and decided to cut it down, and I helped him. He didn't want the logs, so I took them. Now they're ready for the wood stove.


  1. Such beautiful color. Can rosé be woody to go with the logs?

  2. Nice photo today. Having a chain saw is handy and now you have more logs for the winter.

  3. Missed the last few days...what photos Walt! Bravo!

  4. I like the extra touch of sunglasses reflected in the wine glass. Lovely picture. Ahhhhh, relaxation.


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