Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

With Bert this time. They really do seem to get along, at least for short bursts. Tasha is the aggressor, but Bert doesn't let her get away with too much. When he's had enough, he leaves. But he's a good sport. And Tasha is much less aggressive towards Bert than Callie was.

Tasha and Bert spar on the rug just inside the doors to the deck.

And they do have moments of tenderness, if you will. They take turns licking each other's face. And sometimes they just sit around next to one another. It's cute. The big change is that Bert gets to spend more time in the house than he used to when Callie was around. And I think that, as he gets older, he likes that. And he'll like it even more as winter comes along.

A loving embrace. Ok, maybe not.

I'm planning to make Tasha's first appointment with the groomer for next month. She needs a bath and a good brushing, and I think it would be good to get her used to going to the groomer sooner rather than later. The groomer in Saint Aignan also does boarding, and we think we might try that next year. We're thinking about going to Paris for our 35th anniversary next June. We've never boarded a dog before, but if we start Tasha while she's young, she might get used to it. Still, it's just thinking at this point.


  1. Thirty-five years.... CONGRATULATIONS in advance
    and people criticize same sex marriage and relationships.... what a load of rubbish....
    you and Ken have been a partnership for a whole lot longer than very many of those who criticize!
    A partnership is a partnership.... and a wonderful, special thing it is too!

    Do board Tasha, it will make things so much more flexible for you two.
    And dogs don't sulk the way cats do.... Tasha will be delighted to see the rest of her "pack" and will show it!
    With my BC, I boarded him just for w/es to begin with.... a month apart.... then a couple of months gap and did it again....
    Then did a week, and he took to it without a problem....

    1. I agree. Do you ever use a crate at home? If you do, you could continue to use it once in a while. Give her some good treats in the crate, or even a meal. If she doesn't already recognize the crate as her private space, she might start thinking of it that way and then will acclimate to the boarding situation much easier. And if she ever has to stay at the vet over night, her previous crate training will help there too.

  2. I heartily agree that short boarding stays in the first year are the best way to be sure your pup knows that you will be back with them soon. They usually learn to enjoy the visits (like puppy summer camp), and therefore are not anxious if you need to leave them for a week or more. Same thing with car rides. The more the merrier while they are young, and must be associated with going new places for walks or treats, not just to the vet. Conditioning your new pup in this way is a luxury you have that is not always available with dogs you adopt. Enjoy!

  3. I agree with all of the above. Getting Tasha used to new places, people and experiences as soon as possible will make things much easier for all of you in the future.

  4. How Tasha has grown! I remember those first photos when she was a tiny little thing, a lot smaller than Bertie! Looks like you are doing a great 'training' job: obedience, fetching, leash, grooming, car practice ... perfect! Congrats.

  5. aw, brother and sister at play! and 35 years; and they said it would never last! FABU!

  6. I can see from the photos that Tasha's coat is thickening up nicely now. She is gorgeous.

  7. Congrats in advance on that significant milestone. Time does fly doesn't it?

  8. Wow, big changes! I'm so glad for little Mr. Bertie to get to be inside. And, what will you do with him while you are gone to Paris? (Hey, the apartment that we rented in Paris was really a great location-- if you want info, let me know.)

  9. I seem to remember an earlier picture in which Tasha and Bertie seemed to be the same size; now she's a bit bigger.
    I've always conditioned my dogs to boarding from early on. I start with a half day or overnight, do that a couple of times. Then the dog knows you're going to come back and s/he hasn't been abandoned. Then slightly longer stays, with lots of praising before and after. It helps that I have available a good dog place where the staff makes a big fuss over each dog.
    And early congratulations on 35 years. Wow!


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