Saturday, September 16, 2017

A walk through the woods

I've just recently started walking Tasha on an old route I used to walk with Callie (and Collette before her). The path goes from the north side of our house down through the woods into the river valley, loops around a wheat field, then connects with our road to come back up the hill to home. Now that Tasha's ok with a leash, I can take her on the road without having to worry about cars.

The path down through the woods to the river valley.

There is a variation of this walk that doesn't involve the road at all, and that's what we did on Friday afternoon. We can take a turn before we get to the road and make a different loop through some fields and around a small orchard before climbing back up the hill through the woods to the house. While she had her harness on, and I had the leash, I didn't have to attach her at all for this walk. She was very good and stayed close to me the whole time.


  1. What a beautiful route. Ever see any critters?

  2. What a sweetheart little Tasha is. I'm so glad you have her, and she has you two. She's a lucky one!

    Clock works for me, too, now that I clicked in the empty black space where it was supposed to be appearing-- allowed Flash forever :)

  3. Thanks to Judith I can see the clock again. Walking with a dog off leash in the woods is a favorite memory of mine.

  4. stuart, we'll surprise the occasional deer (chevreuil) on this walk, but otherwise just other dogs. On other routes we sometimes see rabbits and pheasants.

    judy, I spoke too soon! Yesterday and today she bolted off leash! One step forward, two steps back...

    evelyn, glad it's working again!


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