Sunday, September 24, 2017


If you enjoy eating zucchini blossoms, watch out for slugs! I spied this critter inside one of the blossoms on Friday. Into the compost it went, where it will do good, I hope. The zucchini crop is done for this year.

This little slug is gorging itself inside a zucchini blossom.

It's been a decent year for the garden. As one of my readers commented, the things that did well did really well, the rest was a bust. The zucchini and the tomatoes were very good this year. The green beans were good, too. But I planted fewer of them, so we got less. That's normal. I wonder what next year will be like?


  1. Well this is sufficient warning if I were ever to try to eat them... which never occurred to me. But I see there are many recipes on the internet. In any case, this is a nice slug portrait.

  2. Charming photo, but the thought almost put me off my breakfast. Hope you didn't toss out Nancy along with Sluggo.

  3. The snow peas did well too, didn't they? Have you ever planted sugar snap peas? They're also mange touts but the peas in the pod are just a bit more developed.

  4. Hunting season = leash time for Tasha's walks?

  5. stuart, I've never made them, but I have eaten them, stuffed with cheese, and batter fried. Pretty good, but making them seems like a lot of trouble.

    mitch, ha! Poor Nancy...

    sheila, yes, they did. And no, I haven't, but I may try this spring!

    bettyann, on hunting day (Sunday), definitely.

    judy, :)


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