Friday, September 22, 2017

Farm implements

I saw two plowing attachments along one of our walking routes the other day. I assume that whoever owns this parcel attaches them to his tractor when it's time to work the soil, then just leaves them out there for the season, or maybe all year long.

Rusty, but still serviceable.

There are many small plots of land around us that belong to people who live elsewhere in town. Sometimes the parcels are just vacant, sometimes they're used to grow fourrage (what we would call hay to feed farm animals), and sometimes they're planted with fruit trees, grains, or even vegetables. I see each of these uses on our little walk down in the valley. Up the hill, the parcels are mostly grape vines.


  1. All so terribly French, with a diverse range of local food supply.

  2. Jerry's farming grandfather would not approve of the equipment being left out in the elements, but it makes for a great photo... in your talented hands.

  3. andrew, thank goodness!

    mitch, I'm thinking that it's easier than loading the thing on a trailer to take it back to the barn, and there are two of them.


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