Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Inner space

Relatively warm days and cool, clear nights result in fog as the sun rises on fall mornings. Dew forms on everything, including the webs that spiders spin. This one is on the fence that surrounds the little pond outside our back gate. I saw no sign of the spider. I thought that the dew drops looked like constellations in the night sky, especially in the center of the web.

The original photo is in color, but I decided that it was more dramatic in black and white.

We're expecting some more nice days, so I will try to get some more outdoor work done. There are tomatoes left to harvest (and process) and I have some small logs that need to be sawed for burning. Among them are the last of the grape vine trunks that Callie used to bring home from her walks. I trimmed the wisteria way back on Sunday. It got too big and heavy and a recent wind storm pulled half of it from the wall. It's back up now, and ready for next spring's growth.


  1. Beautiful. Like a diamond necklace.

  2. Please don't cut up the last grape vine trunk that Callie brought home. Keep it as is.

  3. Good decision--very dramatic in black and white!

  4. At first glance at your photo, I also thought I was looking at a starry sky. Brilliant!


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